International Master Program in English – there is still time to apply

The City of Targoviste (located 50 km northeast from the capital of Romania, Bucharest) is ready to host its first international Master Program in English, called East Central Europe Region Studies. The scope of the program is 120 ECTS credits, completed with two years of full-time study. The program complies with the national legislation governing University Education and is, therefore, recognized globally.

The program is jointly organized by four European Universities, namely University of Helsinki and University of Oulu (Finland), University of Tartu (Estonia), Izmir University of Economics (Turkey) and Valahia University of Targoviste (Romania). Professors from all four universities will conduct courses and seminars in Targoviste, at the host university. They are as follows:

Dr. Viktor Trasberg, University of Tartu, Associated Professor of Economics
Dr. Katalin Miklóssy, University of Helsinki, Associated Professor of Political History
Dr. Kari Alenius, University of Oulu, Associated Professor of General History
Dr. Gabriela Teodorescu, Valahia University, Professor of Environment and Sustainable Development
Dr. Silviu Miloiu, Valahia University, Associated Professor of History of International Relations
Dr. Mircea Anghelinu, Valahia University, Associated Professor of Archaeology and Anthropology
Dr. Agnes Erich, Valahia University, Associated Professor of Old Books and Libraries
Dr. Radu Carciumaru, Valahia University, Lecturer of Medieval History
Dr. Ioana Raicu, Valahia University, Lecturer of English and discourse analysis
Dr. Mehmet Efe Biresselioglu, Izmir University of Economics, Lecturer of Sustainable Energy
Dr. Cezar Stanciu, Valahia University, Assist. Prof. of Cold War History
Dr. Laura Oncescu, Valahia University, Assist. Prof. of Modern History

The East Central Europe Region Studies Master Program offers a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to the political, IR, economic, social, cultural and environmental developments of the region. The curriculum focuses on regional changes, offers theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge, fosters creativity and innovation, and develops the students’ capacity to conduct original research and to write high-level analytical essays and reports. The program deals with the region in its historical, political and cultural diversity, addressing the EU integration process as well. A list of the courses is available here.

The application is open to students from Romania, from the European Union and from non-EU countries. There is a modest tuition fee, but students have also the possibility to access different scholarships. Students may also find housing in the university campus.

More information about the admission deadlines and procedures may be found here.

There is also a Facebook page where you are more than welcome to ask for additional information.

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