Book review: Migration, Terrorism and the Future of a Divided Europe: A Continent Transformed, by Christopher Deliso, Praeger, 2017, 296 pages.

Book review: Migration, Terrorism and the Future of a Divided Europe: A Continent Transformed, by Christopher Deliso, Santa Barbara, Denver, Praeger Security International, 2017, 296 pages.  

In 2015 alone, the migration crisis brought over one million asylum seekers to Europe – some of them war refugees, others economic migrants and others agents of different terrorist entities, the Islamic State included. Probably even more disturbing than their sheer number is the fact that many of them entered Europe with false documents or without any kind of papers at all, which raises tremendous security risks for the future. And it also raises questions related to the economic, social, cultural and political capacity of the European Union (and of European states in general) to manage this flow of migrants, and to understand the consequences and global ramifications of their presence on the continent.

Although this was not the first time Europe faced a wave of asylum seekers, the 2015 migration crisis seemed to have affected the continent to an unprecedented degree, and the main question is: what made this refugee crisis so different? Tackling this question in his recent book – Migration, Terrorism and the Future of a Divided Europe: A Continent Transformed (Praeger Security International, 2017) – American analyst Christopher Deliso provide us with valuable and fresh insights into the dynamics and the long-term political, economic and security implications of the 2015-2016 European migration crisis. Continue reading


Din producţia ştiinţifică a ICCV: episodul al III-lea

ELSEVIER ne anunţă că în colecţia sa Procedia sunt publicate „comunicări de înaltă calitate”, care au fost susţinute la diferite conferinţe din lume. Procesul este relativ simplu: editura încheie un parteneriat cu organizatorul conferinţei, iar apoi publică lucrările acelei conferinţa, selecţia articolelor şi procesul de peer-review revenind în totalitate organizatorului conferinţei. Continue reading

Cold War Perceptions

My PhD thesis was published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Cold War Perceptions. Romania’s policy change towards the USSR, 1960-1964.

This book investigates Romania’s early 1960s change in policy towards the Soviet Union, focusing on two questions in particular: namely, what actually changed and why this change occurred. Continue reading

Hotel Intercontinental in Bucharest: competitive advantage for the socialist tourist industry in Romania

Hotel Intercontinental Bucuresti

Hotel Intercontinental in Bucharest

In August 2014, Routledge published Competition in Socialist Society, a book of essays edited by Katalin Miklóssy and Melanie Ilic. The book explores how the concept of competition, which is usually associated with market economies, operated under state socialism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, where the socialist system, based on command economic planning and state-centred control over society, was supposed to emphasise co-operation, rather than competitive mechanisms.

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