The Media vs. Historical Accuracy: How Romania’s Current Communist Trials Are Being Misrepresented

 By Elena Dragomir and Mircea Stănescu

Since the fall of 2014, Romania has received new foreign media attention over a trial that has rekindled interest in the country’s Communist past. However, in so doing, the media has also tended to exaggerate and misrepresent the current proceedings and their significance – and thus has failed to note how Romanian authorities in recent years have actually displayed a general disinterest and incompetence in regards to investigating and prosecuting the crimes of the former communist governments. 

The following analysis, written with Mircea Stanescu, sheds new light on the current trial, in the context of its deeper historical context, and its implications for current politics and future interest in addressing communist-era crimes against the Romanian people.

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2 thoughts on “The Media vs. Historical Accuracy: How Romania’s Current Communist Trials Are Being Misrepresented

  1. Why fall of 2014? May by fall of socialism society in December 1989.
    Moreover, it wasn’t no ” communist” society nowhere in the world, nor at least in the China. It was a lot of socialist authoritative societies which in Europe were fall down, resting few of them into the Asia and Cuba.
    Somebody speak about the crimes of the communist governments against the Rumanian people.
    This assertion is wrong. Of course, there are a lot of crimes against the political men in Rumania, especially when our country was under soviet occupation at to the order of soviet political comissars. Don’t forget, after the war, the Rumania was a country under soviet occupation. But in the following 1964 years in the Rumanian prisons were not political prisoners. Of course, in the last period was been a authoritarian socialist policy, but not totalitarian, so somebody say.

  2. Este o conventie, daca doriti. Noi, specialistii, stim foarte bine ca societatea comunista nu a ajuns sa fie “construita”, asa cum isi doreau partidele comuniste si muncitoresti. Dar, in general, prin sintagma “regim comunist” se intelege un regim in care puterea era detinuta de comunisti, de un partid comunist.

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